Student Staff Spotlight
Madison Robello Student-Staff Spotlight

Madison Robello is a senior majoring in dietetics & food administration and minoring in food science at Long Beach State (LBSU) hoping to become a registered dietician. From a young age, she’s held a passion for health and fitness. This growing interest in health education lead her to a job at the Student Recreation and Wellness center (SRWC) as the beach balance lead.

“Beach Balance as a department promotes mind, body and spirit wellness as well as a holistic approach to health. I absolutely love my position at the SRWC and am grateful for those I am able to have an impact on,” Madison said.

In her department, Robello takes on an essential leadership role. She overlooks Beach Balance’s management and assures operations including wellness lectures, information distribution, inventory records and staff meetings go smoothly. She also instructs trainings for the employees and composes monthly newsletters for LBSU students.

Madison said “being able to help others in their health journeys in college, sharing meaningful conversations and promoting health and wellness” is the best part of her job.

For her, health and wellness is about exercising to be happy and eating to feel nourished. It's brought her joy, fulfillment and friendship. Most importantly, working with the SRWC has taught her the power of setting goals, having a community and being understanding of herself.

“I will forever and always cherish the community I have made while working at the SRWC,” Madison said; it has “provided me with the best people and even better college experiences!"

Robello lives by the Tony Horton quote, “You can do anything for 30 seconds” and it pushes her to do better by herself every day.

Like Madison, we can all learn to add a little more self-compassion, and with it, keep pushing ourselves to be our best day-in and day out.

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