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Third year athletic training major Lizbeth Acosta loves the SRWC so much she’s chosen to work two jobs there! Starting as a front desk membership services representative in March 2015, she added a position as building manager in April 2016.

“It’s my second home—even if I didn’t work there at all, I would still spend a lot of time there,” said Lizbeth. “As a building manager, it’s fun to be a part of the behind-the-scenes of the building I love so much. And at the front desk, I love interacting with members and acting as a ‘face’ for the SRWC.”

As a building manager, she receives a daily facility report regarding events and tasks. At the front desk, she regularly deals with members, the biometrics and membership concerns.

“If something needs to be fixed and multiple people are affected, it’s a good feeling to know that I had a part in fixing and creating something new,” said Lizbeth.

In addition to her job’s convenient scheduling, she enjoys getting information and being involved in SRWC events. “It’s like a family here,” she said. “Many of us are kinesiology majors or really into working out, and we have similar personalities—so we get along really well!”

In addition to the perks of her positions, the company of her co-workers and the excitement of the events, Lizbeth truly believes and supports the SRWC’s vision.

“We may nickname it the ‘rec center,’ but it’s more than that—the actual name of Student Recreation & Wellness Center has weight!” Lizbeth exclaimed. “It’s not just a place with machines. It’s about your overall well-being; giving its members ways to improve their mental, physical and emotional self.”

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