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Each summer the SRWC undergoes regularly scheduled maintenence to keep the building as new as it was when it first opened. Currently, the spa in the aquatics area is undergoing some upkeep and it should be back online the second week of July. For all other updates, please visit for all hours and maintenence changes.

For fourth-year aerospace engineering major Luke Lawson, work at the SRWC offers a hands-on experience and plenty of career application for his future. He began as a membership associate in June 2016 and added a position as rock wall & outdoor adventures facilitator in August of the same year.

“I love the community at the SRWC,” Luke said. “As we’re college students, everyone is likeminded with similar interests. I love meeting new people—especially while working at the front desk.”

Luke’s own pursuit of wellness makes his job at the SRWC a perfect fit. He regularly weightlifts, partakes in the spin class and rock climbs. He also loves backpacking, which goes hand in hand with his position as rock wall & outdoor adventures facilitator.

“In dangerous situations, I need to be equipped with quick techniques to keep people from injuring themselves—and I’m thankful to have learned those skills at the rock wall,” he said. “I’ve also received a lot of hands-on application with equipment needed outdoors.”

Luke’s training doesn’t end there, though. His time at the front desk as a membership associate has its own challenges and lessons.

“Working at the front desk has definitely helped me with treating difficult people well and working around complicated situations,” he said. “I’m so thankful for my coworkers and bosses, who patiently taught me everything and consistently supported me as I learned.”

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