Accessible Equipment

Pool Lift

pool lift
  • Access to a lift allows members to experience the similar swimming freedom of their peers
  • Enjoy the same ease and opportunity of using a pool as others
  • A safer method to exit a pool, by reducing the risks of slipping and falling

Location: Pool deck, one in front of the SPA and one in front of the Main Pool

Description: The Pool Lift is ADA compliant and is ideal for use by those with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. The lifts provides autonomy for the recreation facility patron who may experience difficulty entering or exiting a swimming pool.


  • Independent Crank Arms
  • Adjustable Headstock
  • Ergonomic Saddle can be removed
  • Rotating Headstock

Locations: 1st floor in front of Fitness Desk
2nd Floor in front of track and Beach Balance
2nd Floor in front of track and Beach Balance

Description:Krankcycles enable you to perform external shoulder rotations. No other piece of equipment will make external rotation (backward rolling of the shoulders) more fun or better encourage you to perform the action. This motion will balance protracted shoulders.

Aqua Float Walker

Aqua Float Walker
  • 4 Polyethylene Foam (Support Floats), Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
  • Fast Drying Mesh Material, Rustproof, Lightweight
  • Oversized Handrails for Better Balance

Location: Aquatics Storage, Ask Lifeguard for assistance.

Description:Aqua Floats are designed for users with good to normal head and trunk control that could use some assistance when walking or moving through a pool.

Nu-Step© Recumbent Upper/Lower Body Trainer

Nu-Step Recumbent Machine
  • Inclusive design, adjustable features and 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Accommodates users of virtually any size, fitness level or functional ability
  • Smooth-stepping motion simulates walking
  • Oversized Handrails for Better Balance
  • Low-inertia startup and user-controlled step length
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Easy to access and easy to use
  • Provides low impact exercise

Location: 2nd Floor near stairs and Beach Balance

Description:The Nu-Step is a recumbent cross-trainer that is specially designed to provide low-impact total-body exercise for any person, no matter what their physical condition.

Sci-fit© Upper/Lower Body Ergometer

Sci-Fit Upper Lower Body Ergometer
  • Upper, lower or total body exercise for versatile rehab
  • Dependent motion allows stronger extremities to assist weaker ones
  • Adjustable upper and lower cranks
  • Easy access with true, adjustable step through
  • Removable seat for wheelchair accessibility
  • Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program
  • Very low starting resistance

Location: 2nd floor in front of track and 2nd floor in front of Farber Fitness

Description:Use with total body, upper body or lower body for versatile exercise. Allows stronger extremities to assist weaker ones.

Sci-fit© Upper Body Ergometer

Sci-Fit Upper Body Ergometer
  • Adjustable tilt head for all heights and ranges of motion
  • Adjustable arm cranks
  • Adjustable step-through accessibility
  • Wheelchair platform included

Location: 2nd floor in front of Farber Fitness

Description:Use with upper body for versatile exercise It is also ideal for ground-based training. [/item]

[item title="Extended Belay Bar"]

Extended Belay Bar

Extended Belay Bar
  • This system offers precise extension.
  • The system protects both the climber and the belayer
  • Keeps the carabiners and rope at a distance from the wall
  • No friction between rope and the wall texture

Location: Rock Wall

Description:This belay bar is extended out from the wall for added assistance for any climbers with disabilities.

Extended Belay Bar

10 Sport Wheelchairs
  • The lightest and highest performing chairs
  • Distinguished by a clean, modern look
  • Keeps the user centered and balanced when maneuvering.
  • Unparalleled performance and function

Location: MAC Storage, Ask Intramurals Desk for assistance

Description:These chairs are meant to be used for game play and will make sure you don’t fall over when participating in wheelchair sports.

Goal Ball Equipment

Goal Ball Equipment
  • One Goalball with bells inside
  • Distinguished by a clean, modern look
  • 4 Goalball Blindfolds / Multiple Standard Blindfolds
  • 2 Small Goals / 2 Standard Soccer Goals

Location: MAC Storage, Ask Intramurals Desk for assistance

Description:Goalball Ball has bells inside it for hearing ability while the ball is rolling. We have total black out goggles for game play.

S5 Box