Fitness Appointments
As a member of the SRWC, you are entitled to two complimentary Fitness Appointments including a Fitness Assessment and Orientation.

Fitness Assessment

Fitness Assessments, which are led by our personal trainers, last about 45 minutes and assess the health and wellness of a member one-on-one.
The session begins with a body composition test, followed by the evaluation and testing of the member’s cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. At the end of the session, members will be presented with an analysis of their results. The personal trainer will also show the member their levels in comparison to national averages and what this means for fitness.

Fitness Orientation

After completion of the Fitness Assessment, the personal trainer will prepare a custom-tailored workout related to the results of the previous appointment. This session lasts about 60 minutes and introduces the member to roughly six exercises aimed at improving their fitness levels. The Fitness Orientation also gives the member an idea of what they would be receiving when purchasing a personal training package from the SRWC.
If you’re interested in knowing more about your fitness, make sure to sign-up for your two complimentary sessions today! To register, deliver a completed PAR-Q sheet to the Fitness Desk.

There are many benefits to participating in fitness activities for people of all ages and abilities. These include stress reduction, increased energy, injury and disease prevention, better grades, weight loss, and making new friends. Best of all, it's easy to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness because it's FUN! Check out all of the opportunities for fitness at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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