Open Rec

The Open Recreation program allows students access to the SRWC facilities, such as the multi-activity courts, group fitness rooms, pool and sand volleyball court during specified hours. Participants are also able to check out the equipment needed for these activities at the equipment checkout area. We are committed to providing the Open Recreation experience during facility hours of operation. Please note that some areas might be closed due to special events. Call the front desk at 562-985-0775 for more information.

Checking Out Equipment

SRWC members and guests may check out sports equipment through the equipment checkout desk. Equipment must be used in a manner that is consistent with its purpose (i.e. indoor basketball used on indoor courts, tennis racquets used on tennis courts). Equipment should be handled with care to ensure it remains in good condition. Members will be held responsible for lost or damaged equipment.

Day-Use Checkout Members must use the HandKey system to check out day-use equipment. Guests will be required to sign a log to check out equipment. • By accepting the equipment, the participant is acknowledging the equipment is in good condition. • Day-use equipment must be returned to the equipment checkout desk 15 minutes before the SRWC closes.

Late and Damaged Equipment

Participants are responsible for all equipment checked out or reserved under their name.
• Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was checked out.
• Participants are responsible for all costs associated with damaged or lost equipment.
• Participants will be charged late fees if equipment is returned after the deadline.
• Failure to pay any fees will result in suspension from the SRWC and possible account holds

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