Student Staff Spotlight

Having worked at the SRWC since August, building manager Andrea Salas has thoroughly enjoyed working in a positive, helpful environment.

“This is my second job on campus, but I like being in this position because I’m surrounded with like-minded people and students pursuing a healthier lifestyle,” said Salas. “We also have an understanding of each other as college students, which is hard to find in employment off-campus.”

Salas was introduced to the SRWC by participating in the Owen’s Condition for Tuition program, where members use the SRWC 50 times to be entered into a raffle for free tuition. She is currently a graduate student pursuing her single subject credential.

“The overall morale of SRWC staff was really positive,” said Salas. “I walked around and saw that people really enjoyed their jobs—that’s why I applied in the first place.”

As a building manager, Salas manages the facilities and responds to calls about incidents or injuries. She ensures that members are abiding by the policies and regulations, so that everyone has the same positive experience when entering and leaving the facility.

“This is the place to be,” said Salas. “I enjoy coming to work every day, as it’s very positive and everyone’s friendly.”

Salas has taken particular interest in the training opportunities she has been offered at the SRWC, including fire hydrant training, CPR and training in dealing with blood pathogens. She believes the SRWC and the Associated Students, Inc. offers students an opportunity to grow as an individual while gaining skills to use in future professions.

“This is a great opportunity for freshman to get involved and to have some experience working,” said Salas.

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