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The facility, coworkers, atmosphere and even dress code—Andrew Graham loves every last bit of the SRWC.

A second-year communication studies major and membership services representative, Andrew Graham joined the SRWC last semester and immediately fell in love with his new job.

“There are not many jobs where people can say they love going to work, but my job is absolutely amazing and I love coming to the SRWC,” he said. “The people are what makes the SRWC the way it is—everyone’s so nice, unique, friendly and willing to work together!”

As a membership services representative, Andrew signs up people for memberships, gives tours, maintains the lost and found, offers locker assistance and much more. In his free time, he enjoys befriending and spending time with his coworkers.

“I consider my coworkers really close friends,” he said. “I appreciate them for being themselves, allowing me to be myself and helping me out with whatever I need help with at the desk.”

Andrew enjoys the SRWC’s modernized equipment, employee dress code, and various departments and class offerings. For him, working at the facility promotes a healthier lifestyle by permitting him to exercise before or after his shifts.

“Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity to work here!” he exclaimed. “This is the best job ever, and I’m so thankful to be in a positive, comfortable place where I can be myself.”

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