Student Staff Spotlight

For Intramurals Assistant Anna Rubino, employment at the SRWC has brought a supportive, fun environment and lasting friendships!

“Intramurals is like a melting pot with people of various cultures and backgrounds, and I have benefited tremendously from experiencing that,” said Rubino. “I’ve gone to concerts and regularly hang out with my coworkers. Many people I’ve met here will definitely be my friends after college.”

Currently, a fourth-year studying consumer affairs, Rubino has always esteemed exercise and fitness. Intrigued by the “cool” environment and kind staff members, she took an opportunity to apply in December 2014. A year and a half later, she is still very much at home working at the SRWC.

“I’m so grateful for this job,” said Rubino. “It not only gave me customer service skills, but it taught me how to work in a larger team environment. If I didn’t understand something, I could always lean on my coworker to help me out.”

As intramurals assistant, Rubino checks out equipment and assists with the management of leagues. This past year, she acted as supervisor of the intramural singles racquetball league, keeping track of winners and awards. Next semester, the intramural racquetball will be a doubles league.

“I just started learning how to play racquetball, so I encourage people to do it even if they don’t have any idea how to play,” assures Rubino. “It was so much fun! I also learned a lot of soft skills working here, like how to manage money, organizing a league and customer service skills.

Enjoying playing music at her desk and working with her coworkers, Rubino describes her overall work atmosphere as a very “homie” environment.

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