Student Staff Spotlight

Though there are many words to describe Miguel Ituralde, supervisor for the Open Basketball League, his positivity and passion are by far his most notable traits. At the SRWC, he works hard to ensure that the league runs smoothly – that includes hiring officials, keeping track of teams and members, answering students’ questions and making sure that no corners are cut in preparation for Thursday night games.

Miguel recalls his first semester working at the SRWC, which he claimed “would not have happened without the suggestion of my friends. They described how fun it is to work in a place like the SRWC – helping out students, making friends and staying active at the same time,” he remembered. “So I just tossed in my application to see what would happen, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I was eventually hired.”

Having worked in intramurals since fall 2018, Miguel has enjoyed the social aspect of the SRWC above all else.

“It’s so cool to work in a place where you’re surrounded by students,” he said. “I really appreciate the opportunities to meet people around the same age as me, and although we all come from different backgrounds, we share a passion for sports and recreation.”

As an upcoming graduate in the Class of 2020, Miguel has gained critical professional experience by studying kinesiology while working both at the SRWC and as an aide at a physical therapy clinic. He hopes to continue studying and working in the field to eventually obtain a position as a professional physical therapist, which requires years of training and education. But if there is anybody who has the work ethic and attitude to carry out that goal, it’s Miguel.

For the time being, Miguel is looking forward to finishing his last two semesters at The Beach, and he is excited to see more participants in next year’s Open Basketball League. To learn more about intramural sports at CSULB, click here.

“I am beyond grateful to work at the Rec,” Miguel said. “I love the game, I love meeting people, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next semester’s league!”

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