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For Matt Vico, inclusive recreation lead and graduate student of healthcare administration, thinking outside the box has never been more exciting or rewarding.

“It’s fun!” he exclaimed. “It’s fun to think outside the box in terms of how to adapt an activity. My department allows students hands-on experience of working with adapted physical education and inclusive recreation, with all these different amenities, resources and opportunities at their fingertips.”

Matt began at the SRWC as an inclusive assistant in fall 2015, and after learning the ropes of inclusive recreation, he moved to the lead position in fall 2016. As lead, Matt coordinates many of the inclusive recreation events, dealing with promotion, tabling and speaking with students and faculty.

He first discovered his passion for inclusive recreation as an undergraduate student at CSULB, involved in ASI Student Government as a cabinet member for disability affairs.

“The SRWC isn’t just about weightlifting—it’s about having fun!” he said. “I’ve always been an athlete, and activity, health and wellness initiatives are fun ways to reach persons with a disability. This program educates people and allows them to empathize with future clientele, family or friends who might have a disability later in life.”

Matt helped create Ground Hogwarts Day—replete with dragon egg wheelchair obstacle course, quidditch and golden snitch bocce ball—and is looking to host the Mario-inspired “Super Beach Party” next month.

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