Student Staff Spotlight

For membership representative Nick Van Hoorn, working has never been better or more convenient! Working at the SRWC front desk, Nick takes phone calls, handles memberships, gives tours and ensures that the SRWC biometrics work efficiently.

“All the coworkers in the membership department are very close, since you’re basically sitting next to each other for hours at a time,” said Nick. “We’ve gained a lot of interpersonal relationships with each other, becoming a group of friends rather than simply coworkers.”

Nick started at the SRWC in April 2016 after having utilized the facility since his freshman year. He is entering his fourth year studying kinesiology, pursuing his personal training certification and enjoys being able to practice his field while at work.

“I get to see a lot of people come in and out, so I get more familiar with students around the area,” said Nick. “It inspires me to exercise a bit more, as I’m already working there. And of course, it’s got the best air conditioning on campus.”

Nick is particularly fond of the inclusive events, which have allowed him a greater empathy for disabled people who participate in the same sports. His smile reflects those that he encounters daily at work, which makes his job all the more special to him.

“Even if it’s an early morning shift, whenever I walk in, I see smiling faces,” assures Nick. “It’s a very positive environment and I love how convenient it is, as I can do my shift, exercise after and go to class right away.”

A few friends suggested the job to Nick, and he has since been able to become a part of the SRWC family and see his job merge with his future career aspirations. For more information on employment with ASI, visit

Nick Van Hoorn is being spotlighted as a part of the SRWC Uplifting Service program. Each month a student employee is selected by full-time staff for their striking level of service to SRWC members.

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