Student Staff Spotlight

Since transitioning into a working environment as a lifeguard, second year Alexis Sorensen has found it to be much more exciting than she expected.

As a lifeguard, Alexis’ responsibilities include informing students about SRWC policies, offering lifeguard and CPR/first aid classes, and ultimately ensuring the safety of everyone using the aquatics center at SRWC.

“I’ve been swimming since I was little and I’ve always loved being around the water,” said Sorensen. “As a lifeguard, people’s lives are in your hands, whether at the pool or beach. But there’s much more entailed in being a lifeguard than I expected.”

Sorensen and other life guards regularly have monthly training and skill checks to ensure that they are up to date with lifeguard certification and prepped for any emergencies. They are informed on practices like wearing gloves when caring for wounds, improving their swimming abilities and extracting people from danger in the correct way.

“The aquatics department is a great, big family,” said Sorensen. “So it’s been a great transition from a non-working student to a working environment. They’re cooperative with my studies because as a biology major, I have a lot to study for.”

Sorensen has attended a number of gyms, but she finds the SRWC to be different, and special describing it as a comfortable, no-judgment zone. Besides enjoying the benefits of improving her health at the SRWC, she also sees it as an excellent opportunity to network with people of all different majors.

“Working at the aquatic center is very community-based, family-oriented, and we have very good communication skills because of its importance in our job,” said Sorenson.

Sorenson hopes to continue her work with the aquatics department and encourages students to engage in the healthy, friendly environment offered at the SRWC.

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