Student Staff Spotlight

For Colton Dahlenburg, maintenance at the SRWC is not only exciting—it’s the perfect stepping stone into his future.

“My job is great, especially when I think about owning my own house or apartment; a lot of my current tasks transition into day-to-day tasks or issues that may come up around the house,” Colton said. “And rather than paying people to fix it, I’m already gaining experience in dealing with these issues.”

Currently in his fourth year of studying communication studies, Colton works at the SRWC as a maintenance assistant. Performing mostly behind-the-scenes work, Colton and his team of three are always moving around the SRWC and ensuring that everything’s in order—from the AC ducts and lights, to the pool temperatures and cleaning.

“It’s pretty exciting to have a job that can be surrounded by so many cool students at any given time,” said Colton. “I’ve been to gyms on other campuses, but I really appreciate our new equipment. When you work here every day, you begin to notice and appreciate the amount of new equipment that comes in and how our school is keeping up.”

For Colton, every piece of his current experience as a maintenance assistant has a significant impact on his future. Each day, each task and each conversation are key training moments for the road ahead.

“One of the greatest things you can get out of a job like this is talking to your boss and other people every day,” said Colton. “It’s another way that you’re developing communication skills and having small experiences that translate into bigger jobs later on down the road.”

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