Student Staff Spotlight
student-staff spotlight

Chey Yalonis is a senior at Long Beach State working at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) rock wall teaching students how to embrace their strengths and be their best selves.
“The idea of fitness brings people together with a common interest,” Yalonis said. “It has taught me to feel confident in my abilities and challenge myself in ways I didn’t know I could.”

Yalonis is a child development and family studies major and joined the SRWC workplace to learn skills outside of her chosen field. Through fitness, she has expanded her mind and grown as an individual.
“Climbing connects the mind and the body, allowing people to become vulnerable and open up to their community, and that's a powerful thing,” Yalonis said.

One of the ways she has strengthened her technical skillset is by joining the SRWC’s outdoor adventure trips each semester. Trips offer students the chance to participate in wholesome and fun activities including camps and climbs, backpacking, surfing and yoga at the beach.

“You meet a lot of people on the trips and after being with them for two days, you really bond over the experiences you have in nature that you can’t get in the classroom,” Yalonis said.

Notable adventures Yalonis encourages students to try are the Joshua Tree camp and hike, and the Crystal Cove yoga adventure. “The trips provide everything you need to feel comfortable and leave you feeling like you can do it on your own,” Yalonis said.

For more information on adventures like hers check out the rock wall and outdoor adventure program at

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