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Long Beach State alumnus Dave Ritter is proof that the healthy habits we develop during the busiest times in our lives will stick with us for decades to come. Having graduated in 1985, Dave has been balancing his busy work life as a salesman in the food industry with his robust personal life, which has included raising two children, maintaining mental wellness and, of course, staying in shape at the gym.

“I am an avid proponent of physical fitness,” Dave remarked. “I think it’s important to get a range of activity in your life. For me, a combination of yoga, beach volleyball and other types of fitness seems to do the trick.”

As an original member of Frog’s Fitness, a popular fitness club in which members worked out at the Walter Pyramid, Dave made the switch to the SRWC as soon as it opened in 2010. He enjoys many aspects of the SRWC, from the quality of the equipment to the environment created by the students.

“Being immersed in such a young atmosphere motivates me to keep up my health,” he said. “It also helps to shrink the 34-year gap since my graduation and stay connected to my alma mater.”

One of Dave’s greatest strengths is consistency, proven by his regimented workout schedule. Whether at home, in nature, or down at the SRWC, Dave is sure to never miss his four-day quota every week. When he isn’t attending to business as a partner in a food brokerage, spending time with his family, or relaxing during his retirement, you can be sure to find him staying active at the SRWC.

“It’s easy to stay motivated when you’re are part of the [LBSU] community,” Dave said. “I’ve had lots of good fortune in my life, and I’m thankful that I get to continue being involved in this amazing community so many years after graduating!”

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