Member Spotlight

Vann Ou’s excitement is infectious—and with all the people he’s befriended at the SRWC, it has definitely spread.

Having been a consistent member of the SRWC since January 2011, Ou has fallen in love with the state-of-the-art facility. He regularly takes classes like spin and yoga, and prides himself in having used most of the available equipment and resources.

“I fell in love with yoga when I started last September, and seven months into it, I’m now a yogi practitioner,” he said. “I can do different headstands and poses, and it’s all something I deeply enjoy and learned, thanks to the SRWC! The teachers are outstanding and supportive.”

Ou hits the SRWC at 6:00 a.m., utilizing weights, cardio and the track for his daily workouts. He runs about two to three miles, five times a week, and practices yoga every Wednesday and Saturday. By asking personal trainers for tips and questions, he has gathered a great deal of knowledge about working out effectively.

“The people at the front desk, the personal trainers—everyone is friendly and supportive,” says Ou. “It’s a comradery that you build too, because each morning, you see the same focused faces.”

Ou is a CSULB alumni, having graduated with a degree in Information Systems. He currently works as a library services specialist on campus. As an alumni, Ou utilizes a monthly membership of $37 to take advantage of free group fitness classes and the overall facility.

“I would like to see more of our staff members utilize the SRWC because it’s good for overall well-being,” said Ou. “I’m always for anything involving physical activity and I’m a vegetarian too, so I’m very in tune with my health.”

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