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Member Spotlight: Jeff Watten

Long Beach State alumni Jeff Watten truly understands what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. From his plant-based diet to his consistent physical activity to his positive outlook on life, Jeff believes that a healthy lifestyle is all about the quality of what you do.

“I really just want to make the most out of every moment that I have,” said Watten. “Being in shape and being in control of what I eat and how I work out has always been a really big part of who I am.”

Jeff and his wife both got involved with the SRWC not only because they themselves are LBSU grads, but also because two of their sons graduated from the university as well. In addition to being students, their sons played on the Long Beach State men’s volleyball team. “I want to be around as long as I can to enjoy my kids, and hopefully [their] kids,” said Watten. “We’re not close yet, but still!”

Jeff takes full advantage of all the SRWC has to offer when it comes to supporting his healthy lifestyle. He’s known for frequenting the Pilates class in the mornings, but he’s also completed personal training programs with his wife and he’s climbed the rock wall – a feat he kept putting off.

“For two or three months, I would keep going over to the rock wall and talk to the manager, and every time he would say ‘You’re going to do it today, aren’t you?’” recalls Watten. “And I would always say ‘No, I just did a workout,’ and finally he just said ‘Come on, let’s do it.’ So finally, I did it and it was great!”

But for Jeff, it’s not just the equipment or the classes that keeps him coming back – it’s the people.

“This place just makes me so happy when I come here,” he said. “There’s so much energy here with the students…and I get to see neighbors and former students of mine when I come here, and that’s always really cool. It keeps me young.”

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