Member Spotlight

Human Development major Thuy-Tien Huynh has only been a member of the SRWC for one year, but has already experienced tremendous improvement in her lifestyle, academics and overall education.

“By not only studying in class, but also exercising at the [SRWC], I’m helping my body and mind at the same time,” Huynh said. “If I study a lot but I’m not healthy, I can’t study right. But if I study and go to the SRWC, I feel very strong.”

Huynh was initially attracted to the SRWC by the Owen’s Condition for Tuition program, which she ended up winning last year!

“I don’t have enough money for my education, so I did Condition for Tuition because I knew that if I won, it would pay for my school fees,” she said. “But foremost, exercise is for my health – mental, physical and social health – and I got lucky to win and get money for my schooling!”

At the SRWC, Huynh attends classes like self-defense, yoga and food nutrition. Each morning, she exercises on the elliptical, exercise ball, and bicycle. Huynh is a strong advocate for student-use of the SRWC, because she has experienced significant change in her own life.

“If you study hard, you need to relax,” Huynh said. “By exercising, you can have a healthy body to combat stress and sickness. Also, you don’t have to pay! The SRWC is included in your fees and open to you at great hours. Workout for 30 or 40 minutes – maybe an hour – and see what happens!”

In only a single year, Huynh is testament to the impact the SRWC can have on student life.

“Last year I didn’t know about the SRWC,” she said. “I just studied every day, got tired, and when I had midterms, I couldn’t do them well. But when I started going to the SRWC, exercising along with studying, midterms got a lot easier.”

Huynh has witnessed fitness become a fundamental part of her lifestyle as a student, and continues to experience the benefits.

“If you work hard in the gym, you can earn prizes – or better: the gift of a healthy body and mind.”

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