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For CSULB alumni and SRWC regular Adam White, every piece of the SRWC—the members, staff, facility and resources—combine for the perfect environment to work out.

“Everyone who works there is really nice,” said Adam. “They always offer the latest health technology and fitness equipment, and they keep everything clean daily!”

Adam graduated from CSULB in 1990 as a physical education major, when his only access to exercise was an outdoor, caged-in center by a pool with, as he put it, “cheap weights.” A few months after the SRWC opened, he joined and has never stopped going.

“I tried other gyms and they just aren’t satisfying—they are usually dirty or their machines aren’t state-of-the-art,” he said. “The SRWC has everything that’s new and updated, and they maintain it well. And the staff is like family! They say ‘Hi’ when I come in and ‘Bye, have a good day’ when I leave.”

Attending the SRWC five days a week, Adam regularly uses the elliptical and weight machines, in addition to running outside and participating in a kickboxing class in Signal Hill. He recommends the facility to his friends for its cleanliness, prices and state-of-the-art resources.

“It’s just a really, really great place,” he said. “All the students, the older members, the student-staff, the full-time staff—everyone is so friendly, nice and courteous. And they’re not phony about it!”

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