Member Spotlight

Few people appreciate and value the SRWC as much as Deborah Ludke, an executive faculty member of the Health Care Administration Department. Having exercised at the SRWC since she began teaching four years ago, Deborah knows how valuable it is.

“I really wish that this SRWC had been here when I lived on campus as an undergraduate,” said Deborah. “I had to run on the track and use other means to work out, but now it’s so easy for students who live on campus to walk over, work out, take fitness classes or even simply relax.”

Deborah received her B.A. in psychology and her M.S. in health care administration—all at CSULB. Serving as the president of the CSULB Health Care Administration Alumni Network, she had the opportunity to work with CSULB students and now regularly teaches on campus.

“I sometimes even choose to hold consultation meetings with students at the SRWC, since it’s such a great facility!” exclaimed Deborah. “It’s really positive and upbeat, and I love seeing former, current and future students there because it’s so important for us to care for our health in order to stay sharp in other aspects of our lives.”

A natural track and tennis athlete her whole life, Deborah places a high value on staying fit and active. She regularly checks out the spin classes, uses various equipment and weights and is a huge advocate for the SRWC as a whole.

“Having the SRWC on campus shows that our university has put a priority on health and fitness, and it helps me stay committed to those things,” said Deborah. “Before working out at the SRWC, I wasn’t a big fan of going to gyms. But the state-of-the-art resources, cleanliness and professionalism of the SRWC makes it a gem worth coming to.”

Deborah regularly encourages her fellow alumni to utilize the SRWC. In promoting the classes and services of the SRWC to students, she views it as “paying it forward.”

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Deborah Ludke is being spotlighted as a part of the SRWC Uplifting Service program. Each month an SRWC member is selected by full-time staff for their striking level of commitment to mission CSULB and the SRWC.

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