Member Spotlight

For senior journalism major Jordan Mauldin, the classes offered at the SRWC brought a source of accountability and community, completely transforming his approach to health and wellness.

“I would always go to the SRWC alone and end up lost in the gym, so I would just do cardio on the treadmill because I was unfamiliar and uncomfortable in the weight room,” said Mauldin. “But since last October, classes like HIIT and TRX have completely changed the way I work out and contributed to the majority of my success!”

Mauldin claims that his first experience with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was incredibly hard, but his instructor, Lindsay, made all the difference.

“Lindsay kicked my butt with the workout, but she was simultaneously very supportive and friendly,” said Mauldin. “She would always give us proper techniques and moves, helpfully modifying them to our ability-level. She’s the reason I’m doing TRX.”

Mauldin also attends spin classes and regularly weightlifts in the weight room he once feared. He appreciates the numerous resources available at the SRWC, but has been particularly impacted by the classes.

“It keeps me accountable,” he said. “When you go by yourself, it’s really easy to get lost in what you’re doing, especially if you’re not educated on what to do or the gym is busy and overwhelming. But the classes have helped me build relationships that keep me accountable to continue coming.”

For Mauldin, this is only the first taste of success. And he’s found that in the encouraging community of his SRWC classes. For more information on classes offered at the SRWC, visit

Jordan Mauldin is being spotlighted as part of the SRWC Uplifting Service program. Each month an SRWC member is selected by full-time staff for their striking level of commitment to the mission of CSULB and the SRWC.

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