Member Spotlight

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) provides a space to focus on your well-being, meet others and learn about health and wellness tips, habits and information that can help you throughout your life. It is also a resource provided to you as part of your mandatory student fees whether you attend the SRWC or not. “The SRWC is part of your tuition and it is a complete waste if it goes unused,” said applied math graduate student, Hike Hambarsoomian. “Plus working out is a great stress reliever when midterms and finals come around.”

Just like many students on campus, Hambarsoomian can only come to the SRWC whenever he has time, which is right before or after his classes. He also mentions the extreme convenience of the SRWC’s location, its programs and services. “Not only is it on campus, but it has some of the newer workout machines and it is consistently evolving with the students’ needs,” he said. “Also, students have the opportunity to work hand-and-hand with a personal trainer.”

Hambarsoomian, trains with personal trainer, Stephen Graham, and has learned so much from him in a short amount of time. “Graham got me off the workout machines and into lifting weights,” he said. “He has shown me different workouts that allow different parts of my body to rest if they are tired from a workout.”

Ever since Hambarsoomian has made this change to his workout he feels more awake, active, and cares a lot more about his physical health. Now is the time to invest in yourself, don’t miss out on this great campus resource.

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