Member Spotlight

When Gabby Rivera, a fashion merchandising and design major, walked into the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) for the first time she immediately sought out a personal trainer. “I had no previous fitness background, I didn’t play sports, but I didn’t want to just use the elliptical machine. Instead, I wanted to know how to work out safely with proper technique to get real results,” she said. Students should work with a trainer at least once because they can teach you the right foundations especially for weight training.

Rivera goes on to express that many students are unaware of the programs that the SRWC offers. One program in particular that is offered to all students is a one-time free physical training session. A personal trainer assesses your weight, height, flexibility, strength, and personal health history. Then students have the opportunity to share their personal goals for working out. “Based on your performance, history, and your personal goals the trainer will collect all the data and provide an effective workout just for you.”

If you enjoy a little competition, the SRWC is definitely where you want to be. Students can join the fitness challenge events and weight lifting competitions. “If you’re a student whose getting ready for something that is off campus, such as a mud run or relay race, then you can join the competitive events here to get you ready for that event,” said Rivera. Rivera is currently getting ready for a Nike Marathon in October, so she is determined to improve her endurance by lifting weights and running almost every day at the SRWC.

For those that don’t necessarily like being in the gym or lifting weights, you can join the outdoor adventure or aquatics activities. In fact, you can also check out Beach Balance and their weekly programs such as Meditation Mondays, Spa Water Tuesdays, Well Rested Wednesdays, Safe Sex Fridays and chair messages. “You don’t even need to work out, but these are additional programs that the SRWC gives to students who are working hard to do well in their classes,” Rivera said.

The SRWC is a great place to escape from all the things that students have to tackle on a regular basis. Rivera encourages students to just get away from all the stress and enjoy all the programs that the SRWC has to offer.

For more information, visit the SRWC front desk or call (562) 985-0775.

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