Member Spotlight

Alumni, Jordan Tsai received his degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in exercise science last spring and considers the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) his second home.

When he studied here at CSULB, Tsai committed to working out six days a week for over an hour each day. “I don’t work out as much as I use to now that I am out of college, but when I was a student here I basically lived here,” he said. “I would come here in-between my classes instead of sitting around waiting for them to start. In fact, I would plan my schedule around working out, that way I had the time to do it.”

Tsai still lives close to school, so for him working out here is extremely convenient. He loves the fact that the SRWC has four squat racks unlike other gyms, which only have two or three. Also, he mentioned that he doesn’t have to commit to working out here for a full year like 24-hour fitness members do. “Instead of signing up and paying for a full year, the SRWC enables me to sign up on a month to month biases, which is easier and cheaper for me.”

When the SRWC opened in 2010 this gave students an opportunity to meet up and work out on campus. Tsai has been coming to the SRWC since his freshman year and has made many friends since it opened. “You can meet a lot of people here and there is always something you can do here,” he said.

Tsai also understands that sometimes people can be too intimidated to workout, but he encourages students to come and do something they enjoy. “Just come and do something proactive and forget about everything,” he said. “Take advantage of a place like this now.” And remember you don’t always have to come to the SRWC to work out. You can come here to meet up for group projects instead of going to the library. “It’s a very relaxing atmosphere and a perfect spot to chill because it’s halfway between your car and classes,” said Tsai.

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