Member Spotlight

Wendy Lewis is a mother, student and the sitting Treasurer of Associated Students, Inc. (ASI). But despite juggling a busy schedule, Lewis makes it a priority to pursue health and wellness by attending the SRWC during early morning hours.

“The energy is really good,” Lewis says. “Everyone there is dedicated, because it takes extra effort to wake up in the morning and take care of your health before going about a busy day. There’s a different vibe—no one is lollygagging from machine to machine, everyone is efficient and supportive.”

This semester, Lewis has seen her decision to work out earlier help her organize her day, take care of her family and invest in her own health.

“It helps with the family dynamic a lot,” said Lewis. “I go in the morning when my family’s asleep, so I don’t end up missing out on any family stuff. We’re doing things for others all day, so we have to ensure to take care of ourselves also.”

“The classes are fun and high energy—you don’t notice that you’re burning so many calories,” said Lewis, “And I love working with a trainer. When I injured my back, she knew all the modifications I had to make to exercise without injuring myself or further aggravating my injury.”

Lewis is set to graduate this spring semester with a degree in nutritional science, but she has grown to cherish the SRWC in her time here.

“This state-of-the-art facility has equipment for any level and can work around our busy schedules,” said Lewis. “A lot of time we put everybody first, but we also need to put our health first as well.”

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