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Take your yoga practice into the great outdoors with Outdoor Yoga at the SRWC!

Breathe in the fresh air as you move through meditation exercises, vinyasa flows, strength building and gentle stretches. The class is designed for every body and all levels to come participate and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of being outdoors and the strength-building benefits of flow yoga.

“We all know that yoga in general is great for your body and mind,” said Kaitlyn Jones, the instructor for the outdoor yoga class. “But the experience of being outside and being able to connect to the energy of the earth gives the experience much more depth.”

Jones, an alum of Long Beach State, believes that being outside allows students to have a more intense yoga experience and can help improve their concentration and focus in and outside of class.

“Where the class takes place, there can be a lot of stuff happening at once,” she said. “And this class gives students the chance to learn how to zone out all of the extra noise and maintain stillness, which also makes it all a much more profound experience.”

And there’s nothing like ending in savasana under the beautiful palm trees outside the rock wall at the SRWC!

Outdoor yoga happens every Wednesday from 5 to 6 p.m. outside of the rock wall at the SRWC.


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