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By combining unique forms of martial arts and practical applications, the Tactical Martial Arts class is teaching students how to effectively practice self-defense.

“Students will learn how to defend themselves and how to strike with a lot of power and speed,” said class teacher Gilbert Vega. “They will also learn how to adapt to opponents of different kinds, sizes and skill levels.”

Vega hopes to use his unique background to benefit students, incorporating Wing Chun, Western Boxing and Close Quarters Combat influences. He hopes to teach students basic footwork, hand and elbow strikes, joint locks and defensive maneuvers as well as fighting strategies.

“My influences are mainly from nontraditional martial arts, like Jeet Kune Do, which is a very scientific approach to kickboxing,” said Vega. “We see how we can perform the most amount of damage while doing the least amount of movements. I also have a background in military-style combative arts. It’s very efficient, effective and easy to learn. It’s mixed for everyone at all skill levels”

Students in the class begin by warming up for five minutes, doing various exercises. The first focus is footwork, as it is a critical aspect of self-defense. Next, students use the focus mitts or heavy bags to practice different strikes or combinations. And lastly, students are presented with something more realistic to fighting; they either spar or perform a partner-based drill.

The Tactical Martial Arts class will be taking place in SRWC Room B on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m., beginning on Feb. 8th and continuing as 12 sessions for six weeks. The second session will begin on March 21st. The cost is $30 for students and $35 for non-students.

For more information about the Tactical Martial Arts class, visit ASIrecreation.org/fitness/instructional-fitness.

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