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The SRWC Spin Class brings together a noncompetitive environment, high energy and great music for a wholesome workout. It is an indoor-cycling program that uses adjustable stationary racing bikes to give participants a safe, fun and effective workout.

“It’s a cardiovascular class that replicates what we would do on the real road, as if you were training for a Tour de France or any kind of road racing,” said spin class instructor Lindsay Del Rossi.

On strength training days, the spin class replicates large hills. On endurance challenges, it is a flat road. On interval days, participants will do a bit of both. And on race days, participants will go all out, pretending to be on the road, challenging themselves and seeing how training days have benefited them.

“You are going to have great cardiovascular conditioning, good sweat, plenty of fun, great music, and you get to stay indoors without worrying about weather,” said Del Rossi.

Participants train in four different heart rate zones: the first being easy, the second being challenging yet comfortable, the third being challenging and uncomfortable, the last being out of breath – where participants work between 65 and 90% of their heart rate max.

“It’s all about energy, energy, energy,” said Del Rossi. “You have to be on it, because the kids know if you’re faking it. I love teaching because students are their minds are open to learn, which is key for a great experience.”

The spin class is open to people of all levels – but it’s key to start modestly, increasing and decreasing as you see fit. You are in charge of your workout.

“If you haven’t done a spinning class, you should come to mine because I will guide you through a very intense workout – but in a way that is fun and doable, without holding your hand,” said Del Rossi. “You will have a great, safe workout on your own, but I will be there to make sure you don't overdo it.”

The spin class is offered every day of the week at different times, but Del Rossi’s class is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

“I have pink hair, knee high socks, great music, and I encourage all weird behavior!” exclaimed Dell Rossi. “We laugh, we have fun and at the end of every class we sparkle and shine.”

For more information regarding times for spin classes or other fitness classes, visit asirecreation.org/fitness/group-fitness or the SRWC front desk.

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