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Not sure how to spend that 45 minute break between your classes? Try this vigorous, 30-minute workout: Cardio Blast—it’s as powerful as its name makes it out to be.

The class is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which incorporates short intervals of workouts proceeded by levels. Cardio Blast does not use weights or equipment; all the exercises are based strictly on cardio. Participants do jumps, spot jumps, burpees, and a number of other calisthenics. Cardio Blast pushes you to your limits—and then some. It is meant to improve your endurance overall and burn a heightened amount of calories.

Class instructor Lindsay Del Rossi advises students to eat some complex carbohydrates such as peanut butter sandwiches; so students have enough energy before class begins. “Sometimes I do circuit style classes that work the total body with 10 different stations and other times I will build an obstacle course that the students have to complete four to five rounds in an hour.” Regardless of the class style, students should be ready to workout with enough energy to do so.

“You’re burning calories not just on the workout—but after it too,” says Cardio Blast instructor and Fitness Specialist Isabel Tiburcio. “A lot of people want to lose weight, and they’re not sure how. Here, you’re going to burn off the calories, and your metabolism is going to speed up and burn more calories later on, after the workout.”

Being only 30 minutes long, Cardio Blast is also very efficient. You often burn more calories in the 30 minutes than if you’re working for an hour at a lower intensity. It’s not about the time, but the level of intensity. This workout can burn calories at essentially double the rate of a lower-intensity workout.

“A lot of students don’t have time—they don’t have an hour or two to go to the gym,” says Tiburcio. “Here, they can get in, do it, and get out—and that’s it. You become stronger and your energy levels improve after the workout.”

Sound daunting? As intense as Cardio Blast is, it is also designed to accommodate a diverse group of people.

“You can take a break whenever you want it,” assures Tiburcio. “You don’t have to push yourself excessively—you may need breaks to breathe. Everyone is going at their own pace, but you’re going to find that in doing it, your body is going to adapt, and you’re going to be able to go through the workout feeling better.”

Cardio Blast is offered on Thursdays at 4 PM. Any students or members of the SRWC can simply come directly to the class - no RSVP needed!

For more information, visit asirecreation.org/group-fitness or visit the SRWC front desk.

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