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Fitball is the perfect one-hour double workout, combining high-intensity cardio with muscle and core conditioning! Participants utilize a fit ball, or exercise ball, to engage different muscle groups and get in shape quickly.

“The feedback I’ve gotten shows that there’s no class that gets results as quickly as this one,” said class instructor Sabine James. “It’s very effective because the weight of the ball and unique body movement adds a whole different element to the workout.”

Carrying and pushing the weight of the ball requires strength, coordination and agility as participants are continually switching movements. Sabine will set a routine each class, starting from low-intensity and raising the intensity.

“I stay aware of what’s happening in the class and gauge what to change based on how people are responding,” said Sabine. “I set routines so that they can repeat the movement continuously.”

Coming from a pilates background, Sabine trains participants to stay on top of the workout. The class pays attention not only to major muscle groups, but is also focused on forming alignment and strength with smaller muscle groups.

“It’s the best workout ever,” says James. “It builds upper body and core strength, lung capacity, shoulder stability, arm and leg strength, and improves your heart rate.”

Incorporating coordination, mind-training, physical agility and mental work, fitball provides a holistic, intense workout that covers all bases.

The fitball class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the Pura Vida Fitness Room. For more information about this class or other ones, visit www.asirecreation.org/fitness/group-fitness.

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