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If you are active or engaged in strengthening styles of yoga, restorative yoga will provide necessary balance for you. It combines different poses, deep breathing and body awareness to form a delightfully relaxing medley of restoration.

“I like to approach the class as ‘moving meditation,’” said class instructor Jennie Shin. “We look for more clarity, presence and awareness by focusing specifically on our breath.”

The class begins with a breathing exercise for stability, and goes through long, specific poses while focusing on breath control. It then ends with deep relaxation and a breathing exercise. It promotes the notion of body awareness, which is a deeper understanding of how the body is doing and what it needs—subtleties that are otherwise overlooked.

“If you’re active, you’re exuding a lot of energy so restorative yoga is about bringing energy back into your body and restoring injured areas as well,” said Shin. “It gives space for your body to heal, rebalance and connect with your spirit and mind.”

Restorative yoga takes place every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the SRWC Fitness Room and is open to all members.

“If you are stressed and need to unwind, I would highly recommend restorative yoga because it’s all about relaxation, deep breathing and stretching out tension,” said Shin. “It’s a form of stress management!”

For more information on the class, visit www.asirecreation.org/fitness.

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