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Now you’re probably wondering what Tabata is, right? Well, if anyone had to describe Tabata, they would probably tell you what to bring; water and a large beach towel.

Tabata is a series of different exercises working through the whole body in four minute bouts. Within the four minutes of exercise you are pushing yourself through the movements for 20 seconds, then taking a quick 10 second recovery and repeating for eight rounds for a total of four minutes. But, wait, there’s more. After each four minutes of exercise you take about one to two minutes of rest before moving onto the next round of Tabata, completing eight different rounds within the hour class. Throughout this process you’ll be using a variety of equipment ranging from dumbbells, body bars, steps, BOSU balls, jump ropes and your own body weight. Now that’s a workout!

Tabata Fitness Instructor Lieana Swanson highly recommends that students take this class because it will increase cardiovascular fitness by elevating heart rate levels, and will also help you develop more strength and power. “Because you are pushing yourself at a high intensity, it is a great way to burn lots of calories in just one hour of class,” she said. “The class is also a great way to provide more variety into a workout routine.”

Most students go to this class because it is a fun and unique way to challenge their body through a high intensity, full-body workout in a group atmosphere. “There are groups of people who come consistently each week, so it is also a great way to build social connections through exercise, which helps with accountability,” Swanson said.

Graduate student Adriana Sanchez encourages students to participate in this class because it is a high intensity workout that will make you feel stronger and lighter. "Leiana is wonderful, and she modifies the moves specifically for you,” she said. “The workout is great, and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s my favorite class.”

Undergraduate Selina Chavez also encourages students to participate in this class because the intervals do wonders for improving your fitness level. "I have been attending this class almost every week since I started in September and I have lost 15 pounds!"

The class is offered every Thursday at 4 p.m. in the Pura Vida Fitness Room.

For more information, visit the SRWC front desk or call (562) 985-0775.

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