What is TRX suspension training? Originally developed for Navy SEALs, it focuses on resistance training and building muscle. This type of exercise program can be found in most gyms, yet not many people are familiar with it. The reason TRX training is not well known is because people are unfamiliar with its varying benefits.

The physiological benefits of TRX training are very similar to standard resistance training. They both increase muscular strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. The added benefits of TRX training come from its efficiency and practicality.

This type of training allows new and advanced gym-goers to complete a total body workout. Unlike other training regimens, TRX only requires a single piece of equipment. This means that gym members do not have to waste valuable gym time waiting for a different machine. This also works out for people exercising at home who might only have one piece of equipment.

Utilizing the same workout program can get boring. With TRX training, people can add exercise variation to standard weightlifting, but still achieve the same results. The programming for TRX training is simple:

  • Start by choosing five TRX exercises, such as squats, lunges, rows, pushups or planks.
  • Hit these movements for more than two exercise sets.
  • These exercises should be done twice per week to see progress.
  • For repetitions, you should start by hitting two repetitions less than your max, and slowly progress by 1 repetition each week.

TRX training is a great way to get your body moving and build muscle. Learning new training styles and work out options helps with the variety in your exercise skills. Put your new knowledge to work and utilize the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC)! Get started on this amazing exercise system!

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