night of relaxation at the srwc

If you’re looking for another way to relax, then you’ll definitely want to check out Night of Relaxation on Dec. 5 at the SRWC!

Part gentle yoga and part guided meditation, the SRWC’s Night of Relaxation is all about letting go of any unwanted tension and centering yourself. In addition to the one-and-a-half hour activity, students will also receive free chakras and healing stones for participating.

“It’s so exciting to see the students get to learn about the stones and the meditation practices,” said Maureen MacRae, interim associate director of the SRWC. “This event is really for students to help them relax before finals so they can come out of it feeling calm and refreshed. That said, all SRWC members are more than welcome to join in!”

Night of Relaxation takes place in the MAC gym which is quieter and more private than the main gyms. The MAC gym also holds more people than the group fitness rooms upstairs which allows more students to participate.

“Students will be surprised by how good they feel after coming to Night of Relaxation,” promised MacRae. “It will help attendees find a sense of calmness, leaving feeling relaxed and it can also help them fall asleep easier in the late-evenings. It really makes a difference.”

Night of Relaxation will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 5, in the MAC gym from 5:30 to 7 p.m. More info about fitness programs can be found at

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