Trunk or Treat Ghostbusters banner

Halloween is coming up, and once it’s over, you’ll have to wait an entire year for the spooky season to return. Take advantage of the amazing Halloween events at the SRWC before they’re gone in November!

Stop by the rock wall and take part in Rocktober, an exciting challenge series designed for you and your friends to put your skills to the test and win prizes in the process! The series includes:

  • Sloth Pull-Up– See how long you can dangle from a hangboard, with one condition – only three fingers can be used on each hand!
  • Werewolf Walk– Traverse the Rock Wall pillar three times as fast as you can!
  • Hanging Dead– Test your upper-body strength by seeing how long you can hang on to a large, free-hanging ball!
  • Not Much Time Left– Show off your handiwork by tying a rope into a figure-eight – blindfolded!
  • Cold as Ice– In this intense test of agility, you’ll be tasked with climbing up the rock wall as fast as possible using ice tools. Keep your cool and make the climb!

Another exciting way to challenge yourself is by attempting the Dark Climb. Bring a friend or have a staff member assist you as you maneuver up the Rock Wall blindfolded! Every rock touched is a point deducted, and the winners will be given prizes for their success. Stop by the Rock Wall to shoot your shot at the Dark Climb!

Close out the month with Trunk or Treat, a festive celebration in the SRWC Aquatics area. Enjoy games, candy, fun activities and a showing of Ghostbusters at the end of the night. Taking place on Oct. 29, Trunk or Treat is a great way to enjoy the season of scares right before it ends!

Don’t miss out on these events, and have a Happy Halloween!

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