Girls Night on the Strength Floor

The very first “Girl’s Night on the Strength Floor” is the SRWC’s event targeted towards women who may feel overwhelmed in the gym or lost in their workouts. Don't worry, gentlemen and other non-binary friends, you can join in too!

Happening on Wednesday, March 6 from 5 - 7 p.m., the SRWC’s female trainers will be demonstrating how to use various pieces of equipment, hosting multiple workouts and answering any fitness-related questions students may have. The event will also feature speaker Dr. Kellie Walters from the kinesiology department as she talks about body positivity and inclusivity. After all, everyone deserves to feel strong both mentally and physically.

Make sure to arrive early because the first 50 participants receive a free “Girl’s Night” t-shirt! Come prepared to learn, sweat and smile at this fun and empowering event.

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