Taking an evening to showcase its various departments and services, the SRWC is pulling out all the stops with its new block party! Between fun events, free food and a big movie, the choices for entertainment are endless.

The SRWC Block Party will comprise of four main events. The Aquatics Center will introduce their new, student-favorite rolling log and the rock wall department will hold outdoor games such as slacklining. In addition, SRWC fitness will be holding a pushup contest and orienting attendees to tire-flipping, while the intramurals department will hold a Spikeball contest. Everyone who participates in one of the four events will get raffle tickets toward a surfboard that will be raffled off in the evening—the more events you do, the more tickets you get!

In addition to the fun events, a Kbeach Radio will be DJ’ing, keeping the party going, and “Captain America: Civil War” will be shown for the first time on campus on a blow-up screen. There will also be free tacos for the first 150 students, as well as free popcorn for those who wish to watch the movie.

“Students typically have their own passions and understanding of sports that they like, and they don’t often travel outside of that area,” said Aquatics Coordinator Michael Freeman. “I love swimming but if my shoulder got injured, it would be nice to find another fun way to work out. This is a time that participants can check out and get interested in some other areas.”

The SRWC Block Party will be taking place in the Aquatics Center Thursday, September 29th at 6:30 p.m. The showing of Captain America will begin at 7:30 p.m. and the raffle contest will go until 8:00 p.m. Participants are encouraged to come early, as food is limited!

“We want students to try something new and get to know some other areas of the SRWC because education doesn’t always happen in the classroom, it happens in all areas of college,”’ said Freeman. “Plus there’s going to be free food and a ton of fun—come out!”

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