Women's night on the strength floor banner

In any gym, it is common to see that the main strength floor is highly populated by males. At the SRWC, where inclusivity is of high importance, we do not want women or men to be intimidated by the more experienced lifters.

Speaking from a woman’s perspective, it is rare to have outstanding women role models in the fitness industry that are inclusive of all body types. As teens, we are not taught that strength is beautiful. Instead, we are pressured to choose to be either beautiful or strong. This common misbelief held by women puts their focus on cardio for weight loss. On Oct. 9, the SRWC’s fitness department hosted an all-girl’s night on the main floor. The purpose of the event was to teach women of all ages that strength training should be just as important as cardio is.

Strength training leads to an increase in muscle mass which, in turn, burns more fat mass. Along with these physical developments, strength training increases self-esteem and lowers stress. The event had a huge turnout, and many females learned a lot from our certified personal trainers. However, the SRWC understands that Girl’s Night should be more inclusive with the male population. That being said, we are striving to promote this event every Wednesday night from 5 to 6 p.m.

The gym floor will be open to both females and males who are new to strength training and want to become acclimated to the strength floor. Personal trainers will be available to help give advice on form, workout programming and more. We hope to see you every Wednesday night!

This content was edited 11/13/19 to reflect requested changes to the program.

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