Smash the Scale & Love Your Body Week

Love Your Body Week is a week dedicated to body positivity, self-acceptance and overall wellness. The goal is for all people to have a positive self-image however, societal standards as well as events outside of one’s control can make it difficult at times. The events of Love Your Body Week center on body positive ideals which can assist in building confidence as well as encourage those that participate to love and accept themselves.

Events will take place all around campus with the majority of the events taking place at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. The week’s events are highlighted by meditation, aromatherapy, outdoor yoga, “Deadlifts and Donuts”, “Girls Night on the Strength Floor” and the “Smash the Scale” event.

The “Smash the Scale” event which takes place on Oct. 8, focuses on the idea that numbers on a scale do not define people. Participants are encouraged to grab a sledge hammer and proceed to smash provided scales. Participants will also have the opportunity to take pictures in a photo booth, play yard games and make face masks. Wellness groups from across the campus will also be present sharing knowledge and tips. On October 9th the SRWC will be hosting “Girls Night on the Strength Floor” which focuses on providing women an introduction into weight training in a non-judgmental and overwhelming atmosphere. The fun continues on Thursday, Oct. 10 with “Deadlifts and Donuts” which will feature deadlift demonstrations from the SRWC personal trainers and will be capped off with donuts!

Highlights from Last Year’s Smash the Scale

Being a college student can make it difficult to find the time to put yourself first. During #LYBW we want participants to take time to relax and enjoy the positive vibes while focusing on bettering themselves. The hope is that participants take the information and knowledge gained from the events and apply it to their everyday lives. More info about Love Your Body Week is available at

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