The Benefits of Rock Climbing

What are the true benefits of resistance and aerobic training? If you turned to the media, their most common answer would be putting on muscle and getting stronger. However, they are missing the most important benefits. Resistance and aerobic training have been proven to improve cognitive function and treat, or even prevent, cancer and diabetes.

As we age, it is common to see a decline in cognitive function. However, many studies have found that with a combination of resistance and aerobic training, we can expect improvements in our cognitive abilities. The idea of aerobic training focuses on long duration exercise methods. With these exercises, it can lead to improvements in our focus, attention, multitasking and memory. In combination with resistance training, which includes weightlifting, studies show the improvement of blood flow to the brain. Both exercise techniques work hand in hand to positively affect our cognitive function and abilities.

In relation to real-life conditions, resistance and aerobic training can contribute to the alleviation of cancer and diabetes. According to the American Cancer Society, physical activity helps reduce the risk of cancer. And studies have shown that both training methods improve psychological and physical functions. Fatigue resistance, quality of life, reduced relapse and increased survival rate were shown to appear when incorporated into the lives of cancer patients.

Furthermore, studies indicate that resistance training is more effective when combined with aerobic exercise or pursued independently. Conversely, aerobic training alone appears to offer less significant benefits. This insight is particularly crucial in the context of managing diabetes and addressing physical inactivity. Excess weight and fat accumulation are key factors in the onset of diabetes. By incorporating both resistance and aerobic exercises into a regimen, individuals can mitigate these risk factors and improve their overall health.

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