What Now? Substitute Exercises when the SRWC Is Busy

Are you an experienced climber looking for a new challenge? Or maybe you are just an outgoing person looking to try something new. Dark Climb, hosted by the Student Recreation & Wellness Center’s (SRWC) Rock and Outdoor Adventure (ROA) and the Inclusive Recreation departments, definitely checks both of those boxes.

Dark Climb, which is scheduled to take place on Oct. 17 and Nov. 14, is a blindfolded team climb at the SRWC’s ROA Rock Wall. It provides an opportunity for students to experience a unique challenge while racing against others for a chance to win prizes. Students will have to rely on their teammates to guide them up the wall and ensure that they stay on the right path!

Inclusion continues to be a focal point for programing at the SRWC and Dark Climb is a great example of providing a challenge that is readily available for any member of the SRWC to participate in. The ROA Rock Wall staff are trained in the use of an extended belay bar, which can provide those members with physical limitations with the opportunity to successfully climb up and down the wall. Dark Climb is FREE, and we highly encourage those looking for something new to drop by and give it a go as this is a great opportunity to meet new people, challenge yourself and improve your teamwork skills!

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