Run Fast and Jump Far: Introducing the SRWC Combine

Will you be a top competitor? The Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) Combine will make its first appearance on Nov. 10, at 5 p.m. in SRWC’s Main Gym A. Inspired by the National Football League’s (NFL) Scouting Combine, the SRWC Combine takes this concept and runs with it––pun intended!

The NFL combine, which typically takes place in late February, assesses the athletic abilities of college football players through a variety of fitness tests. The results can then affect an athletes' draft status and ultimately their salary. For our SRWC Combine, try your hand at NFL Combine events in real-time!

The SRWC Combine will include the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump and a modified bench press competition. Since this is our first SRWC Combine, we do not have our own statistics, or leadership board yet. But after this year we will, so sign up and set a campus record! For now, take a look at some of the best NFL Combine highlights below:

  • 40 Yard Dash: The 40-yard dash tests sprint speed, necessary for gaining yards during a play. The fast time of 4.22 seconds was achieved by then University of Washington wide receiver, John Ross, in 2017. Ross was drafted to the Cincinnati Bengals and later the New York Giants.
  • Vertical Jump: The standing vertical jump accesses lower body power, necessary for catching a high pass. In 2005, University of North Carolina safety Gerald Sensabaugh set a record high vertical jump at 46’ (3-feet and 10-inches). Sensabaugh was drafted to the Jacksonville Jaguars and later the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Broad Jump: The standing broad jump tests lower body strength and explosiveness, necessary for stopping an offensive lineman. The standing broad jump record of 12-feet and 3-inches was set by University of Connecticut cornerback Bryon Jones in 2015. Jones was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys and later the Miami Dolphins.
  • Bench Press: The bench press assesses overall upper body strength, necessary for pushing away defensive lineman. Oregon State defensive tackle, Stephen Paea, set the bench press record with 49 reps of 225 pounds. Paea has played with multiple NFL teams, including the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys.

Do you have what it takes to be Long Beach State’s version of “workout warrior” (the unofficial term for a top-performing NFL Combine athlete)? Then compete in the SRWC Combine for a chance to win prizes! Everyone is encouraged to come out and test their abilities.

Prizes will be awarded for the top performers in each event and the top-performing athlete will be crowned SRWC Combine champion and receive a trophy! Compete with the best of the best at Long Beach State and register for the SRWC Combine on the SRWC GO app today. For questions, please speak to the fitness desk at the SRWC, or visit

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