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If you’re not sure where to start on your fitness journey, the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) offers a plethora of group exercise classes for you to pick from. Qualified instructors are featured in both the free and instructional classes that can help you excel in areas of flexibility, strength, endurance and fat loss, whether it be with yoga, kickboxing, Wuenderball, or HIT.

One new instructional class to be on the lookout for is Lyft with Lydia, a six-week program designed to help you learn and improve your squat. Another new class being added to the schedule is Hardstyle Strength, which I will be teaching. During this workout, I will take you through a variety of simple, yet effective movements to advance your strength journey. Our instructors strive to give everyone a personalized experience while still providing the benefits of group support and motivation. However, if you would prefer a program that is designed specifically for you, head on over to the fitness desk where you can sign up for a free assessment and orientation with one of our certified personal trainers. During these two sessions, our trainers will help you understand your current fitness level while demonstrating how they will assist you in reaching your goals. Again, these first two sessions are free!

Instructional classes and personal training sessions are offered at low prices for the quality of programming, dedication and information you receive from our trainers. For specific prices, please feel free to come by the fitness desk or review the personal training page page and our instructional fitness calendar. Consider investing in your fitness and health at the SRWC today!

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