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Maintaining a regular exercise regiment can be a difficult task for many people. Human beings thrive on social experiences, so naturally, there are benefits to incorporating a social aspect to exercise.

When working out in a group, exercise can prove more enjoyable and effective, and can also increase adherence to fitness programs. Joining a group exercise class or having a workout buddy can help keep one accountable for scheduled exercise. And as no one wants to let their classmates or partners down, having a designated time for exercise helps ensure that you will stick to the plan.

The social aspect of exercising with others can also be an opportunity to enjoy the company, motivation and praise that workout partners provide. People tend to work harder during exercise sessions when there is another person to offer encouragement for an extra mental “push” when the body wants to stop. Having the emotional support of others is priceless, because it adds value to the overall exercise experience and encourages people to come back again.

The bottom line is this: exercising alone, for many people, is not as effective or enjoyable as it is when you work out alongside fitness comrades.

For those who are interested in being more involved in meeting potential workout partners at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center, group orientations are now being offered on Fridays from 12 to 1 p.m. at the fitness desk. The group orientations are a new free service provided by the SRWC to help gym patrons become better acquainted with the facility. They can be an excellent way to learn from fitness staff about equipment and fun, new exercise techniques you can use with fellow gym members.

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