Ask A Trainer

This is hands-down the number one question that trainers get asked. Losing weight is a considerable challenge that won’t happen overnight. The secret to losing weight is to be consistent. To reach those big goals, it is crucial that you develop healthy habits that are easy for you to maintain. I encourage you to set four basic rules to follow and weight loss is guaranteed to happen.

  1. Tell a friend. By telling a friend (or all your friends on Instagram) about your goals holds you accountable and will help you commit to reaching them.
  2. Move for 30 minutes every single day. Whether it’s a hard game of soccer, an easy day on the elliptical, or a killer strength-training day, make yourself sweat for 30 minutes every single day.
  3. Drink water. Chances are you don’t drink enough water. Research says that young men should drink 3.0 liters of water per day, and young woman should drink 2.2 liters. Your average water bottle contains about half a liter, so that’s at least four water bottles. Do you drink that amount of water every single day?
  4. Plan ahead. Write down your workouts in your planner ahead of time like they are a meeting or an assignment that is mandatory. Writing down your plan for the week makes you committed to getting it done.

Now get out there and make it happen!

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