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Often times, individuals aspire to improve their strength, endurance and body composition when it comes to setting workout goals. However, other areas tend to get overlooked when thinking about the overall definition of fitness.

While mobility, stability and flexibility exercises are not always the most exciting, they are imperative to include in any exercise program. It’s important to include them in your daily routine to safely and effectively achieve your fitness goals and avoid injury or extreme fatigue.

Flexibility is the ability of muscles to lengthen and stretch. While, Mobility refers to independent movement through optimal range of motion and stability is when motion is controlled and minimized at certain joints while movement is happening at other proximal areas of the body.

Most of us probably have no clue as to what areas of our body need to be addressed in order to improve flexibility, mobility and stability. Luckily we have trainers at the SRWC who are ready and willing to take you through an assessment to gain a better understanding of what to emphasize in your workout routine.

The next step would be to figure out how to improve the areas of need by creating an action plan to implement in a fitness program, which our personal trainers at the SRWC can help with as well!

To learn even more about specific mobility, stability, and flexibility exercises come visit us at our next Coffee with a Trainer on Wednesday, May 8 10 from 4 - 5 p.m. The SRWC’s certified personal trainers all come from various backgrounds in the fitness industry. All will be able to go into depth on their philosophies about these aspects of training and discuss how proper practice with these fitness components have excelled the progress in their own training as well as their clients.

More info about the SRWC’s fitness program is available at

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