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Trying to figure out how to stay healthy during the holidays while also indulging in the season’s “eatings?” We asked SRWC personal trainer Diana Lopez for her tips and tricks on finding balance during the holiday season.

  1. Stay active during the break

    Lopez suggests staying active during the holiday break to keep on top of your fitness goals. “People can join a fitness class at a local studio or at the SRWC,” said Lopez. “Or they can participate in outdoor activities with family and friends. Exercise is the best medicine for managing stress, too!”

  2. Make and take the time to meal prep

    “Winter break is the perfect time to start learning how to meal prep,” said Lopez. “By preparing a few meals ahead of time on your time off, you’re less likely to avoid temptation and buy unhealthy food. Plus, it also saves you money!”

  3. Be strategic about holiday dinners

    Holiday dinners can be rife with foods with a lot of unnecessary sodium and sugar, so Lopez suggests finding the healthier alternatives at dinner to help fill you up before indulging. “For example, start with getting most of your carbohydrates from the vegetable plates or from salads,” she said. “Then, after those, go ahead and grab some mashed potatoes or pasta.”

Ultimately, staying healthy and happy during the holiday season involves making sure your treating yourself right, and that includes being aware of what you and your body need.

“It’s ok to indulge,” assured Lopez. “But many use the holidays as an excuse to over-indulge. It is important to spend time with the ones you care about during this time instead of worrying about the holiday treats!”

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