Ask A Trainer

Over the winter break it is easy to get off track from our fitness goals. We have many distractions including potluck meals with delicious food; time spent away from the Student Recreation and Wellness Center; and the overall exhaustion stemming from another long semester of hard work!

However, when we aren’t the ones preparing our meals while spending time back at home, we are still in control of how much food is on our plate. It is shown that the more food we have in front of us, the more we will eat. When at home or visiting family over winter break, be conscious of the amount of food on your plate. Try not to eat more than you normally do.

Keep in mind that time spent away from a gym is not time wasted. Basic body-weight exercise combined with cardiovascular training is a fat-burning combination that will keep your body progressing for its summer 2015 debut. Squats, lunges, pushups and plank variations are great exercises that do not require the use of any equipment or a gym membership. Therefore, get outside and enjoy the cooler weather with at least 35 minutes of brisk walking. For the runners, create distance goals, running longer than you had the previous week.

The consistent exercise will provide energy and a sense of well-being after a tough semester of classes. And begin the spring semester in better shape than you left the fall semester!

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