Ask A Trainer

We all experience it, mid-terms and finals approach and the first thing we drop from our packed schedule is dedicated time for the gym and exercise. It is easy to get caught up in the need for studying and even for endless hours with no break. While we need to review our material and learn new concepts to do well in our programs, we should consider alternative means to include both exercise and studying.

In a 2013 study, Dr. Schmidt-Kassow found that memory production and learning retention was highest while reviewing material during light, steady exercise. The brain is stimulated with the physical activity and is better tuned to hold onto the information while exercising at a light to moderate intensity.

So the next time you are preparing for exams, instead of skipping the gym to cram and study, work out, which will help you get your study guides filled or notes written clearly and precisely. Also, take these materials to the gym with you while you power walk on the treadmill or ride on the exercise bike. These activities make reading through your notes relatively easy even while getting a light sweat. Use these exercises to help retain the information from notes, rather than cramming for hours straight and retaining close to nothing. In this case, you will do better in class by exercising, plus getting that body ready for summertime at the beach.

Schmidt-Kassow, M., Deusser, M., Thiel, C., Otterbein, S., Montag, C., Reuter, M., ... Chao, L. (2013). Physical Exercise during Encoding Improves Vocabulary Learning in Young Female Adults: A Neuroendocrinological Study. PLoS ONE.

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